Make Your Event More Professional

Manage your event and event attendees professionally and simply without the need for an expert. Just 5 minutes to bring your event to everyone and manage their interactions.


Fast And Easy

Less than 5 minutes to get a professional event page and send it to your friends over a short link.

Useful And Professional

Manage check-in with QR code, the email automatically reminders, thank and get feedback attendees to the event.

Good Marketing Solution

CheckInFun offers a software widget to integrate ticketing on your own website and to sell on FB and send contacts to your CRM.

Manage Your  Event

  • Event Landing Page.
  • Email Invitations.
  • Registration form.
  • Selling ticket.
  • Attendee Management.

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Manage Attendees

  • Tracking fake registration.
  • Evaluate potential attendees.
  • Attendee is an affiliate.
  • Check-In with QR code.
  • Automation Email.

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All In One Choice

Perfect choice for conferences, classes, fundraisers, sports, sale, social events and more.

Publish Event Anywhere

A mobile-friendly event landing page for selling tickets on CheckInFun, your website or blog, Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Evaluate The Quality Of The Attendees

Check out email engagement or event sharing and invitation to rate potential attendees.

Attendee Self-service

Event attendees can view, edit, cancel and download tickets for events easily themselves so you can focus on event planning.

Daily Report

You will receive the daily report of insights on traffic, ticket sales and revenues for the opening event.

Reduce No-shows

Automatic reminders sent to your attendees with event details to reduce no shows for your event.

Referral Marketing

Make your attendees be a referrer of your event. They will share your event to get more attendees and received rewards.

CheckInFun has been a great tool for our event planning, it provides streamlined communication between guest and venue to secure reservations. I love it.
Sheryl Belson
Great platform, it did the job very well. The check-in app that comes with it worked wonderfully for my event that had a little over a thousand guests. I had it installed on multiple phones without a problem.
Oli Millington
So convenient and beautiful, simple, easy to use interface. Everything works as expected and makes check-in a breeze.


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Q & A

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How to create an event?

You need to click button "CREATE EVENT", "SIGN IN".

How to use APP?

You need access link and follow guide.

Does it have email remind to attendees before a day when the event is held?

Yes. The system will automatically send email for the attendees.

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